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Cretan Dakos Salad


2 servings

10 min


  • 2 dakos (barley rusks)

  • 1 tbsp parsley pesto (recipe here:

  • 1 large tomato diced or 10 cherry tomatoes cut in half

  • Sliced olives

  • Capers

  • Rock samphire (kritamo)

  • Olive oil


  • Lightly dampen the dakos under running water. Be careful not to overdo this, as they will absorb moisture from the tomatoes and the oil as well, and may become too soggy

  • Place them on a serving plate

  • Apply the pesto sauce on the dakos

  • Top with the tomatoes and season with salt, pepper and oregano

  • Drizzle with olive oil

  • On top, add the olives, the capers and the kritamo

  • Enjoy

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